SOS: Japan Mayor of Minami Soma City, Next To The Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Begs The Entire World To Help: ‘We Are Left To Ourselves … We Risk Dying Of Hunger.’

This happens when you trust the government.

See America, there is no need to prepare yourself!

Japanese Mayor, Disgusted With The Government’s Crisis Response, Appeals For Help To The Entire World

The mayor of Minami Soma city, located 25 km away from the Fukushima plant, had decided to bypass the traditional channels in requesting assistance out of disgust and frustration with the government’s handling of the disaster, and instead is appealing to the entire world via this soon to be viral video clip which was recorded over a week ago but is only now making the rounds. In the clip, mayor Katsunobu Sakurai says: “We are left to ourselves… we risk dying of hunger.

Minami Soma, once a city of over 70,000 and which may now be down to as little 20,000, is asking for volunteers to do what the Japanese government refuses to do: namely to help those most in need of if not help, then at least potentially life-saving information. The mayor expresses his disappointment at the lack of support from the central government for the city’s remaining residents, and accuses the government of not providing sufficient information to help in the decision making process.

Making things worse is that the remaining citizens, many of whom who are trying to evacuate, are unable to do so as there is no gas or means for transportation. Unfortunately, by the time the Japanese crisis is done, cities like Minami Soma, far beyond the 20 km evacuation zone, will be nothing more than ghost towns.

And while we have already seen a few minor attempts at popular backlash against TEPCO and the government, the general population may soon be reaching a tipping point of discontent. Will Fukushima be the straw that breaks the traditionally peaceful Japanese population’s back into an expression of violent disagreement with the government’s handling of the consequences of the March 11 earthquake, which for now can only be classified as deplorable?

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