Japan: Fallout Map From Destroyed Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant

Update 7:

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: Multiple Times Worse than Chernobyl

TEPCO Director Weeps After Finally Admitting The Truth About Fukushima Disaster: Radiation Leak Is Serious Enough To Kill People

Update 6:

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: US Calls Radiation Levels ‘Extremely High’ – Fuel Pool Has Burned Dry At The No. 4 Reactor, Leaving Fuel Rods Stored There Exposed And Bleeding Radiation

Update 5:

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: Radiation Levels 6,600 Times Normal 20km Away from Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: French minister: ‘Let’s not beat about the bush, they’ve essentially lost control’ – Radiation Levels Stop Military Helicopters From Dumping Water

Japan Radioactivity Forecast System Down

Update 4:

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: It’s Much, Much Worse Than It Looks (Thanks To The Stupidity of Nuclear Engineers!)

As Robert Alvarez, a former nuclear energy adviser to President Bill Clinton, has written, if these waste containers, euphemistically called “ponds,” were to be damaged in an explosion and lose their cooling and radiation-shielding water, they could burst into flame from the resulting burning of the highly flammable zirconium cladding of the fuel rods, blasting perhaps three to nine times as much of these materials into the air as was released by the Chernobyl reactor disaster. (And that’s if just one reactor blows!)

Update 3 (12:30 AM on 15th March 2011):

Japan In Meltdown: THIRD Reactor Blast Hits Nuclear Plant – Confirmed: Radiation ‘Has Been Released Into The Atmosphere’

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: Japan braces for potential radiation catastrophe – Radiation hits dangerous levels at Japan plant control room – Japan’s PM warns of dangerous radiation levels

Japan Nuclear Meltdown: Tokyo Radiation Levels 23 Times Normal: Officials – Residents Warned To Stay Inside After Radiation Level Soar Near Japanese Nuclear Plant

Update 2:

Here is another (supposedly) official map circling the Internet:

(Click on image to enlarge.)

In the news:

Japanese Nuclear Crisis Escalates After Third Nuclear Reactor Went Into Meltdown

Japan Now Assumes ‘Possibility Of A Meltdown’ – Official Says 2nd Blast Possible – French Urged To Leave Tokyo – Fukushima Fallout: Next Few Days Critical – 140000 Evacuated From Radioactive Danger Zone – Nuclear Crisis Worsens As Country Braces For 2nd Huge Earthquake

Update 1:

Japan Nuclear Possible Fallout Map Labeled As Hoax (???):

UPDATED ! No official link-back can be found to the Japan fallout forecast map. (The graphic has been removed, but it can be seen by clicking on the preceding link.) Further research indicates that the graphic was a hoax. Nevertheless, the direction indicated on the map is consistent with the Pacific Ocean jet stream.

Earlier today, a suspicious map circulated on the Internet, forecasting possible nuclear fallout from the Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion spreading radiation to the West Coast of the United States within 6 to 10 days time.

The suspicious map, bearing the logo of Australian Radiation Services, indicated that exposure to radiation following a likely nuclear fallout from the nuclear power plant explosion in Fukushima, Japan, could read the West Coast of the United States within 6 to 10 days time.

(Click on image to enlarge.)

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  1. Fake Obama there is no evidence, just like Y2K. Dont fall victim to mass hysteria!
    Why are people posting hoax maps? Your crazy if you do, crazy!

  2. Nuclear power another JEwish creation that took off, but they never really looked into how dangerous it was. I guess it’s nice to not have to supply those boilers eith oil or coal, but you have nuclear waste. Then there is the fear of accidents. Plus it takes a lot longer and more expensive plants. It’s a lot to do just to heat water. It’s time for everyone to use perpetual motion machines. They exist.


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