North Carolina’s Farmer Freedom Act Criminalizes Unconstitutional Food Safety Modernization Act S.510

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been keeping you informed about a bill recently introduced by Representative Glen Bradley to nullify S. 510, the Federal War on Food. S. 510 uses a patchwork of rules and regulations on the food “industry” to throw America’s heartland under the government-subsidized corporatist bus as it crushes local and community producers of healthy food.

Bradley’s bill, H.B. 65, the North Carolina Farmer’s Freedom Protection Act, nullifies S. 510 by making it a Class 1A misdemeanor to enforce S. 510 within the borders of North Carolina. Thanks to your support in contacting your legislators, H.B. 65 has passed its first reading and now has over 20 cosponsors.

Unfortunately, H.B. 65 is now stuck in the Agriculture Committee.

You see, even though the newly elected Republican majorities in the NC House and Senate quickly passed a bill to nullify ObamaCare in North Carolina, they’re afraid of the Farmer’s Freedom Protection Act.


H.B. 2, the Patient Protection Act, says that ObamaCare is null and void in NC, gives North Carolinians standing to sue Washington, DC over it, and instructs NC Attorney General Roy Cooper to join the 26-state lawsuit against ObamaCare in federal court. It does not, however, specify that enforcement of ObamaCare in NC is a crime.

H.B. 65, the Farmer’s Freedom Protection Act, goes a step further. It says that not only is S. 510, the War on Food, null and void in NC, but that any attempt to enforce it is a Class 1A misdemeanor. This interpositional language gives it teeth that H.B. 2 simply doesn’t have. That’s what has the members of the Agriculture Committee are scared.

It seems that the new majority in the General Assembly is eager to pass symbolic bills, but they’re not quite ready to pick a real fight with Washington to protect our food freedom. You and I know that when it comes to facing down the Obama Machine, that’s just not good enough.

Please call and/or email the below listed legislators on the House Agriculture Committee to tell them to support H.B. 65, the NC Farmer’s Freedom Protection Act! Tell them to pass it out of committee with a favorable reading as soon as possible and to bring it to the floor for a roll call vote!


1. Rep. James H. Langdon, Jr. (Chair) – 919-733–5849

2. Rep. Efton M. Sager (Chair) – 919-733-5755

3. Rep. Jimmy Dixon (Vice Chair) – 919-715-3021

4. Rep. Dewey L. Hill (Vice Chair) – 919-733-5830

5. Rep. David R. Lewis (Vice Chair) – 919-715-3019

6. Rep. Kelly M. Alexander, Jr. – 919-733-5778

7. Rep. Larry M. Bell – 919-733-5863

8. Rep. Alice L. Bordsen – 919-733-5820

9. Rep. Marcus Brandon – 919-733-5825

10. Rep. William D. Brisson – 919-733-5772

11. Rep. George G. Cleveland – 919-715-6707

12. Rep. Bill Cook – 919-733-5906

13. Rep. N. Leo Daughtry – 919-733-5605

14. Rep. Phillip Frye – 919-733-5661

15. Rep. Charles Graham – 919-715-0875

16. Rep. W. David Guice – 919-715-4466

17. Rep. R. Phillip Haire – 919-715-3005

18. Rep. Bryan R. Holloway – 919-733-5609

19. Rep. D. Craig Horn – 919-733-2406

20. Rep. Dan W. Ingle – 919-733-5905

21. Rep. Bert Jones – 919-733-5779

22. Rep. Jonathan C. Jordan – 919-733-7727

23. Rep. Patsy Keever – 919-733-5746

24. Rep. Paul Luebke – 919-733-7663

25. Rep. Darrell G. McCormick 919-733-5654

26. Rep. Chuck McGrady – 919-733-5956

27. Rep. Annie W. Mobley – 919-733-5780

28. Rep. G. L. Pridgen – 919-733-5821

29. Rep. Shirley B. Randleman – 919-733-5935

30. Rep. Norman W. Sanderson – 919-733-5853

31. Rep. Timothy L. Spear – 919-715-3029

32. Rep. Joe P. Tolson – 919-715-3024

33. Rep. John A. Torbett – 919-733-5862

34. Rep. Edith D. Warren – 919-715-3023

35. Rep. Jennifer Weiss – 919-715-3010

36. Rep. Roger West – 919-733-5859

To help more, sign Campaign for Liberty’s petition to nullify the Food Takeover here. Then find your NC House and Senate representation here and tell them to cosponsor the NC Farmer’s Freedom Act.

Posted on March 6, 2011
Campaign for Liberty

Source: Food Freedom

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