Louise Yamada: $80 Silver, $2,000 Gold and $140 Oil

Interview with Louise Yamada former Managing Director and Head of Technical Research for Smith Barney. Louise Yamada was a perennial leader in the Institutional Investor poll, and was the top-ranked market technician in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, before going independent.

When asked about silver Louise remarked,

“Silver has 60% industrial usage, but because there are still the monetary concerns out there, silver represents a less expensive alternative to owning gold.

I think that silver has lifted out of a 30 year base and the whole concept of the longer the consolidation, the greater potential upside. Silver is clearly in a structural bull market.

The point and figure calculations off of this base are $40, $45, $60, $75 and $80 over months to years.”

Full article here: KingWorldNews

2 thoughts on “Louise Yamada: $80 Silver, $2,000 Gold and $140 Oil”

  1. Instead, oil is heading down, in the 40’s now and gold can barely hold 1,200 $.

    I think silver will sink to 10-12 $ and gold will dip even below 1,000 $.

    God knows where oil will end up.

    If you can pick the bottom during this deflationary window of opportunity, you’ll be a happy man several years later!


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