Cancer: Mum Who Avoided Sun And Always Wore Sunscreen Cream In The Sun Dies From Skin Tumor

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Carmel Smith always wore sunscreen and insisted on sitting in the shade on ­holidays abroad

A YOUNG mum who never ­sunbathed has died after developing skin cancer.

Mother-of-two Carmel Smith always wore sunscreen cream in the sun and insisted on sitting in the shade on ­holidays abroad.

Doctors initially said she had a 99.9 per cent chance of survival but they were unable to prevent the cancer from spreading.

Now her devastated joiner husband Mal has urged anyone who fears they may have skin cancer to contact their ­doctor immediately.

Mrs Smith, 44, went to her doctor 18 months ago after noticing a mole on her stomach had changed colour.

Mr Smith, 54, of York, said: “She did the right thing and got it checked out straight away. If anyone has any doubt about a mole, get it checked.”

He added: “There was no anger, no complaint. She just dealt with it with dignity and fought to stay alive.”

She spent her final months preparing her family for when she was gone.

Mrs Smith died last week. Mr Smith said his sons, Daniel, 20, and Matty, nine, had been a real ­support to him. He said: “Matty even went to school the next day. He’s been amazing.”

Speaking at the funeral, Matty said: “I love my mummy more than ­anything.” But now with his father and brother, he said, they had to carry on like The Three Musketeers.

Tuesday February 8,2011
By Jo Willey

Source: Express

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