US Government Borrows 40 Percent Of Every Dollar It Spends

Prepare for collapse:

US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver

The Baltic Dry Index is an excellent indicator of what is really going on and cannot be easily manipulated:

Alert: The BALTIC DRY INDEX Is Moving Into Dangerous Territory AGAIN

Caution: Credit Leads, And People Live In States

This is ugly stuff folks…..

This chart is in fact much worse than it first appears – that break has now taken out critical support from 2008 before everything fell apart!

It’s not alone either:

I have warned of the potential risk in these funds and municipal bonds as an asset class before.

The fact that no realistic action has been taken to address these issues, and that they may rotate into United States credit – that is, Treasuries, forcing big reductions in spending, is a serious problem.

Folks, the States are absolute pikers when it comes to this – The Federal Government is literally borrowing 40% of every dollar it’s spending at the present time.  This cannot continue indefinitely, and yet if it is pulled back GDP is going to instantaneous collapse by a double-digit percentage and the stock market will implode as profits go down the toilet immediately.

Is this a “sure things, short the farm” play?  No.  As we’ve seen the goofballs in our government are hellbent for leather on continuing to play Ponzi, borrowing ever-more in a furious (although ultimately futile) attempt to prevent recognition of the fact that we simply do not have the final demand and cannot manufacture it via borrowing on a durable basis to support our claimed “output” and “profits.”

Bernanke, Obama and Congress think they’re Khan – and invincible.

They’re all wrong – The Market is in fact Captain Kirk.

Posted 2011-01-14 11:26
by Karl Denninger

Source: The Market Ticker

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