Wikileaks: US has deployed 200 tactical nuclear weapons in Europe

The US has deployed 200 nuclear weapons in Europe says WikiLeaks’ files.

THE US has deployed 200 tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, mostly in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Turkey, the WikiLeaks’ files claim.

The four nations were long suspected of hosting warheads but Nato and the governments involved have refused to confirm reports. Nato yesterday condemned releasing nuclear secrets as “illegal and dangerous”.

A cable issued by WikiLeaks tells of discussions last year in which US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon talks to Germany’s foreign policy adviser Christoph Heusgen about weapons in the four countries.

Another leaked cable details a January 2009 meeting between US and Dutch embassy officials and Prince Turki Al-Kabeer, an official in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which Iran’s nuclear programme was discussed.

The missive says: “Prince Turki warned that if Iran tried to produce nuclear weapons other countries in the Gulf would be compelled to do the same or to permit the stationing of nuclear weapons as a deterrent.”

Source: The Daily Express

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