Chicago: Schools Use ‘Risk Model’ To Predict Student Violence

In Chicago, school officials have created a “risk model” to predict which students are likely to be the victims of gun violence.

NBC Nightly News
sat down with Ron Huberman, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, to discuss how local data has been analyzed to determine which teens fit the pattern of students who fall victim to shooting.

Using the new “risk model,” schools are able to single out students that may be at high risk and reach out to them to participate in mentoring programs aimed at reducing their likelihood of getting shot.

NBC Nightly News reports.


Viewers can also watch the second NBC Nightly News video about the mentoring program that is making a difference for high-risk Chicago students.

First Posted: 10-25-10 12:56 PM | Updated: 10-25-10 02:05 PM

Source: The Huffington Post

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