Lyme Disease Now In Australia, GP Dr Peter Mayne Says He Has Absolute Proof


A LAURIETON doctor says he has “absolute proof” two of his patients have a tick-borne disease that health authorities say does not exist in Australia.

GP Dr Peter Mayne said two of his patients had the bacterial illness Lyme disease.

He urged medical colleagues to keep an eye out for the infection.

“I’ve taken tissue samples at the bite sites, and sent them off for DNA analysis, and they were positive,” Dr Mayne said.

Debate continues about whether Australian ticks can carry Lyme disease.

“There are perceptions that Lyme disease doesn’t exist here in Australia, and the medical profession have been lulled into thinking that they don’t have to worry about Lyme disease,” Dr Mayne said.

In its later stages, the infection can spread through the bloodstream and affect the brain, heart and joints.

Earlier symptoms can include a rash, fever, headaches, tiredness and joint pain.

Lyme disease made headlines this month after an autopsy showed a Sydney man had the disease when he died.

The dead man’s wife planned to launch a class action against NSW Health, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Dr Mayne said he had a list of about 30 patients – from Newcastle to Coffs Harbour – with the disease.

It was “incredibly difficult” to diagnose, he added.

The illness is spread by ticks carrying the Borrelia bacterium.

It cannot be passed between people.

A NSW Health fact sheet about the disease says only some ticks can be infected and they are not found in Australia.

Lyme disease is “rare or absent” here, the fact sheet claims.

There may be other similar infections here, it says.

The fact sheet adds that past cases where the disease did occur here involved patients who contracted it overseas.

Lyme disease is common in Europe and North America.

17 Sep, 2010 04:00 AM

Source: Port Macquarie News

Widow of Lyme disease victim to sue NSW Health (Sydney Morning Herald):

Kate Benson HEALTH
September 3, 2010

A SYDNEY woman will launch a class action against NSW Health after autopsy results showed her husband had been riddled with a disease the Health Department says does not exist in Australia.

Karl McManus, 44, died in July after being bitten by a tick while filming the television show Home and Away in Sydney. The autopsy indicated he had bacteria from Lyme disease in his liver, heart, kidney and lungs.

Samples from his organs, which were tested at the Sydney laboratory Australian Biologics, will be sent to the University of Sydney and to laboratories in the United States for more testing. ”If there is duplication of results, the government cannot dispute [that Lyme exists in Australia],” his wife, Mualla Akinci, said.

Mr McManus, from Turramurra, was diagnosed with multifocal neuropathy after testing negative at an Australian laboratory for Lyme disease, but tests carried out in the US and Germany returned positive results.

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  1. I have been suffering from a debilitating condition and recently discovered My 20 odd symptoms were identical to a disease called Morgellens!! 2 strange insects escaped from my elbow after I rubbed it with tea tree lotion! I have one of them in meths. I also have a pink fibre and other debris from under my skin.
    Have had white sticky ball type ‘things’, for want of a better word, coming out of my skin almost everywhere.Under those are black round eggs. I know this because I saw one hatch in the bathroom in a a drop of water. It spun round and round and died. (drowned). What was that? So I get on the net under parasites and read that crabs run round and round. So I think I must have crabs. Only problem is Pubic lice are red. This was black..I’ve have hard sticks coming out of my legs. My joints swell and I get headaches. Recently put on Heart Tablets and about to go on 6th course of antibiotics! when I’ve never a problem with my heart, ever. Doctors called me basically crazy. Lots of them did. I go to the Hospital and they send me the phsyc! I rubbed my hand slightly and black balls came out. They saw it and still denied it. Actually I made a few points and eventually they said ‘It’s not that we don’t believe you. It’s that we can’t help you!
    I have serious short term memory loss at moment, vertigo and the list goes on.
    For 2 hrs a day at least. It’s coming back again. I am very clean, wash everything I touch vacuum twice daily and God Help us. I have this strange ‘tick’.
    They don’t like resh lemons. I’ve lost more weight. Am size 9 from 14. Please help. I am not Crazy in any way, shape or form and offer myself for research!
    I need to get this to Dr Peter Mayne. My number is 0415532292

  2. Forget the Drs. Try this: Eat paw paw every day (Carica papaya). It kills parasites in the body. Chinese medicine for parasitic infestation is to pickle the skin of the paw paw in apple cider vinegar (steep in vinegar for 3 days in fridge) and include that in your diet for two weeks. But you will need something extra. Jim Humble’s MMS site may have answers for you.

  3. There is a global threat of Lyme Disease and that this is hard to cure. In fact, in December of 2017, the Lyme Disease Organization featured a study about a 28-day regimen of Doxycycline and how it does not kill Borrelia bacteria – the causative agent of Lyme disease.

    Some group has filed a class action lawsuit against CDC over an alleged suppression of direct Lyme disease test. According to a doctor, Lyme disease is often referred to as the ‘great imitator’ because it mimics other conditions, often causing patients to suffer a complicated maze of doctors in search of appropriate treatment.

    But there are alternative treatments that have been successful in treating chronic Lyme disease and the outstanding contribution of Will Wiegman Ph.D. and Rob Matthies cannot go unnoticed. Read more.


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