UK: Huge rise in 11-year-olds on the pill

This is pure madness. Always follow the money!

Besides do you think it is healthy to be pregnant all of the time?

That is exactly what the pill does to the body, because the pill’s job is to deceive the body to believe that it is pregnant.

Guess why some women have gained so much weight since they started taking the pill.

The number of 11 and 12-year-old girls prescribed the pill by a family doctor has soared five-fold in the past decade, according to figures.

More than 1,000 girls in the first year of secondary school have been given prescriptions for the pill, according to figures from GPs, while a further 200 have long-term injectable or implanted contraceptive devices.

The disclosure prompted warnings that Britain was “facilitating the sexualisation of young people at an every younger age”.

It follows the publication of guidance by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence that sex education should be introduced from the age of five.

Trevor Stammers, chairman of the Christian Medical Fellowship and a GP in south London, told The Sunday Times: “If sex education is introduced in primary schools in the way being proposed, we will see many more 11-year-old girls seeking contraception without pointing out the risks…. We are going to make matters worse.”

He added: “These figures illustrate the fact that the UK is facilitating the sexualisation of young people at an ever younger age.”

The latest figures came from the General Practice Research Database, which collects information on medical records from 500 GP practices.

The data also shows that at least 58,000 15-year-olds were on the pill last year – more than double the number in 1999.

By law, doctors are bound by a duty of confidentiality towards children – even if they are under the legal age of consent – unless they suspect abuse.

By Graeme Paton
Published: 1:54PM BST 01 Aug 2010

Source: The Telegraph

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