Just one CT scan exposes you to as much radiation as 100 chest X-rays

Medical imaging tests expose patients to dangerous amounts of unnecessary radiation


(NaturalNews) A University of Wisconsin (UW) study has found that patients who receive computed tomography (CT) scans for various abdominal and pelvic conditions often receive a slew of additional scans that are unnecessary and that expose them to excess radiation. The findings were presented at the meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

A typical CT scan involves taking images of the patient using an intravenous injection of an imaging chemical in order to contrast the image. Occasionally it is helpful to take more than one image, but many times doctors will order multiple images unnecessarily.

In many cases, doctors are not being careful to assess the doses of radiation they are administering to patients. Though they are supposed to take certain measures to accurately ensure that the radiation dosages are as minimal as possible while still achieving successful scans, Kristie Guite, M.D., of UW emphasized that many doctors do not follow this principle.

Study coauthor J. Louis Hinshaw, M.D., backed up this point by explaining that CT protocols are meant to be custom-tailored to a patient’s specific condition. In a great majority of cases, a one-size-fits-all approach is taken that puts the patient at increased risk.

Dr. Hinshaw suggests that patients who are prescribed CT scans should ask their doctors about the risks involved. They should also find out from the CT facility how many image exposures will need to be taken and if a lesser amount would suffice for their particular conditions.

Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

These last few weeks have been huge for revelations about the dangers of medical imaging tests. It’s not just CT scans, either: Mammograms are also under fire for exposing women to excess radiation and actually causing cancer.

Western medicine is strangely preoccupied with the desire to visually map physical tissues in the body as part of a diagnostic process. Why is this so strange? Because most modern illnesses have nothing to do with the physical structure of tissues. Instead, they are expressions of the function of the body’s tissues and organs.

Some systems of medicine focus more on the functional relationship between organs than the physical, compartmentalized appearance of those organs, and they have far more success in helping patients without harming them. For example, I know a Chinese Medicine doctor who can tell you more about your heart, liver and kidneys by simply feeling your pulse than a whole hospital full of CT scans and MRI machines. Imaging your body is rarely necessary unless you’ve suffered some sort of acute physical trauma such as being struck by a flying pitchfork or hit upside the head with a heavy stack of health insurance forms. For most health conditions that exist today, medical imaging tests are not merely unnecessary, they are dangerous!

Medical imaging radiation isn’t good for you. Just one CT scan exposes you to as much radiation as 100 chest X-rays. Shockingly, many doctors don’t know this! And they fail to take medical imaging radiation into account when prescribing these procedures for patients.

The next time a doctor wants to subject you to medical imaging tests, ask WHY you need the test and WHAT the test might reveal that could be helpful to your physician. You might also ask if there’s a safer alternative that could provide the same diagnostic information without the radiation shower.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask yourself this: How come every time you get a chest X-ray, a mammogram or a CT scan, the doctor flees the immediate area and only returns after the imaging is done? The reason, of course, is because they’re not stupid enough to hang out in the radiation zone and be exposed to the very same radiation they’ve ordered for you.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Source: Natural News

4 thoughts on “Just one CT scan exposes you to as much radiation as 100 chest X-rays”

  1. Please reply to this question I have problem 3 cyst and a kidney stone and it shows on the altrasound test and now why they are sending me to a ct scan again why the altrasound shows everything …..me I can’t understand the ct scan and I had one 4 weeks ago ……please explain thanks diane

    • @Diane

      (This is my perspective of what you have told me and should not be seen as a diagnosis or recommendation to undergo or avoid any kind of treatment.)

      Often times doctors do several diagnosis methods, scans just to earn the clinic more money.

      Ask them why they do not want to do an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) instead of a CT on you?

      (As a side note: From a friend, who worked at a clinic, I know that the chief physician had to fulfill quotas of how many uteruses, breasts had to be removed within one year. She told me that many, many operations were totally unnecessary.)

      I know that you can heal everything. Find out what works for you. Alternative medicine is a great help.

      Gall & kidney stones can be slowly dissolved and then diverted using herbal medicine.

      Cysts disappear if you detoxify the body (in your case the kidneys in particular), strengthen the immune system and supplement what your body lacks at the moment.

      What can help you:

      – Drink enough well water: At least 30ml/kg per day; 70 Kg = 2,1 Litres
      Coffee, black tea, bear, wine do not count.

      – Herbal medicine

      – Homeopathy

      – Acupuncture

      – Supplements (Every supplement needs to be tested weather you really need it or not.):
      Lack of CALCIUM increases the risk of kidney stones (Your Dr. might tell you the opposite.)
      Magnesium reduces the risk of kidney stones up to 90%
      Vitamin B6 is needed to degrade oxalate
      Zinc might be very important for your immune system to get rid of the cysts

      – Avoid toxins:
      Aspartame ( in Coke Zero etc. causes tumors and cysts), MSG, Fluoride to name a few.

      – Look into your emotions, what disturbs you the most at the moment (or has in the past)?
      That may well be the root cause of the disease. With the kidneys it might be your relationship with your husband or a close relative or a relationship at work that troubles (or has troubled you in the past).
      Fear is the emotion that is related to the kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

      – Grow your own ‘longevity’ garden of herbs, berries and fruits.
      Herbs that will greatly strengthen and heal your body without causing side effects are called Adaptogen/adaptogenic like:
      Jiagulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum); Goji (Lycium barbarum), Rhodiola rosea, Rhaponticum carthamoides and many more.
      Maca (Lepidium peruvianum) etc.
      Then you can also grow a lot of herbs that are good for your kidneys and your liver to detoxify your body.

      – Practice Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong:
      Advanced Qi Gong Masters can heal Cysts with Qi Gong in one session. I know of several Masters that have together made disappear a cancerous tumor within minutes.

      My own teachers can do the miraculous too. I know from personal experience that this is true. You find some videos of Qi Gong Masters in the Unlimited category of the website.


      How do I know that all of this works?

      I have been working up to 10-11 hours per day in a private clinic and we were able to help people to heal themselves from cancer, Lyme disease etc. (the list seems to be endless) with alternative medicine.

      Nature heals. Western medicine poisons, suppresses, removes and destroys.

      Note that several friends of mine are doctors and all of them realized that western medicine at least the way that it is practiced right now is not better, maybe often times even worse, than the medicine practiced in the Dark Ages.

      It is important that you find an excellent (or even several) alternative medicine practitioner that helps you to heal yourself.

      Then I would strongly recommend that you become your own health expert to keep your body healthy, because it is the most valuable asset that you have.




      Watch those videos:

      Bruce Lipton – The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet

      Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. – Changing Our Cells by Thought

      All the best!
      The Infinite Unknown

      (PS: We have been using several methods to test each remedy weather it will be good for the patients body or not. There is no such thing as a general prescription for each disease. Everything needs to be tested. Doing so does accelerate the healing tremendously.)

  2. hi. thank you for this article. it is very helpful. i was beat to the ground by my husband and sent to the ER a few wks. ago where they issued a CT scan to check for liver and kidney damage. i do not practice eastern medicine and was uneasy getting the scan, but i had no other choice at the time. now it makes me sick knowing the radiation that is in my body. how can i get rid of the radiation in my body (i am also still breastfeeding my baby so i’m cautious of herbs that interfere with breastfeeding). please help. thank you.

  3. I have swelling in the sigmoid colon. I eat a very good healthy diet, but when my emotions fluctuate, I add bad food to my diet. This inconsistency has caused swelling in my sigmoid colon. It is very painful and inflamed. My doctor wants to do a ct scan of my colon in order to give me antibiotics in case of an infection. This sounds absurd. I also feel pre-menopause. My hormones are all over the place. When I talked about doing Acupuncture to strengthen my colon and kidney channel, the nurse in my gastro dr.’s office said she is familiar with Chinese Medicine and it may cause death if I don’t know what my root cause of my colon is and only the ct scan can tell that.


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