The Cathedral of St. John the Divine depicts the destruction of New York & Wall Street as described in the Book of Revelation

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine


The Symbols

The impressive exterior of the cathedral provokes a humbling sensation at whom gazes at it. But what are you humbling yourself to? We’ll examine the details of the artwork.

The Apocalyptic Pillar

On the western facade of the building, stonemasons have sculpted numerous scenes that seem oddly out of place for a Cathedral. The most striking one is the chilling depiction of the destruction of New York city and its landmarks.


(Not only the) Twin towers collapsing.

The scene above was done in 1997, four years before the destruction of the Twin Towers.  Other recognizable skyscrapers are the Chrysler Building and the Citigroup center.


Apocalyptic New York

The scene above might be unsettling for New York residents. We see the Brooklyn bridge crumbling with cars and buses falling into agitated waters. At the right is the Statue of Liberty, which seems to be sinking in the water. Beneath this horrifying prophecy is the New York Stock Exchange, with people trading goods around it.


So, what is the purpose of this weird carving? Well, the first thing that needs to be mentioned is the actual St. John the Divine is credited for writing the Book of Revelation in the Bible, which describes in symbolic imagery the events of the apocalypse. Occultists believe that the Book of Revelation has been hermetically coded to reveal its true meaning to the initiates of esoteric teachings. This scene, carved on the west entrance of the cathedral, depicts New York as being “Babylon the Great”, the city who gets completely destroyed by the wrath of God. The Book of Revelation mentions:

“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!

She has become a home for demons

and a haunt for every evil spirit,

a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.

For all the nations have drunk

the maddening wine of her adulteries.

The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,

and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”

-Book of Revelation 18


The artists might be on to something because there is indeed numerous similarities between the actual New York city and the description of Babylon the Great in the Bible.  The Book of Revelation mentions:


  1. A “Great Prostitute” who sits on many waters – peoples, multitudes, nations and languages – holding a golden cup. She rules over the kings of the Earth. = The Statue of Liberty
  2. Merchants of the Earth who grew rich of her “excessive luxuries”, weeping because nobody buys their goods anymore = New York Stock Exchange

“The merchants who sold these things and gained their wealth from her will stand far off, terrified at her torment. They will weep and mourn and cry out:

” ‘Woe! Woe, O great city,

dressed in fine linen, purple and scarlet,

and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls!

In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin!’

– Book of Revelation, 18


Knowing that, still today, over 70% of the world’s capital goes through the NYSE, we understand why the building was depicted on the apocalyptic pillar. It represents the “financial” aspect of the Book of Revelation, where it repeatedly refers to rich merchants and trading goods.

So, a landmark of NYC, the St. John the Divine Cathedral, predicts in vivid detail the destruction of its home city. Pretty unusual. Under the rendering of the NYSE, we a skeleton and strange creatures, who seem to represent death and destruction. Is this some sort of prophecy?


Background and History of the Cathedral

This unfinished building has been claimed as being the world’s largest cathedral. It is realistic to maintain such high aspirations when your sources of funding include tycoons like JP Morgan and prominent figures like the Grand Master of the Masons of the state of New York. The completion of the cathedral was such a prized accomplishment for the Freemasons that it was featured on the front page of “Masonic World” of March 1925.


The article states:

“It is particularly fitting that the Masons, who were the principal builders of cathedrals and churches during the greatest cathedral-building period, should now have a prominent part in the movement to build America’s greatest cathedral (…) Little need be added to the story of Freemasonry during the cathedral-building period; its monuments are its best history, alike of its genius, its faith and its symbols.”

The article openly admits that masonic cathedrals represent the best legacy of the Brotherhood and the symbolism is prominently showcased. The masses are however too ignorant to recognize the meanings behind the art, so they just stare at them, thinking “it’s pretty nice”.


Illuminati Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye on the Cathedral of St. John the Divine


Illuminati Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye

Full article here: The Vigilant Citizen

My take on that:

There are forces that are doing their best to make the prophecy in the Book of Revelation come true.

(But it is not so much about the Book of Revelation. What the elite is really after is power and more power. They already have all the money in the world.)

It is really up to us to decide if we want to allow this to happen.

I want to add that the Illuminati abuse the power of God for their dark purposes.

My view of God:

My God is the Father/Mother within me and around me (all creation, especially nature).

My God created the spirit of human beings in his/her image. We thinking of ourselves as human beings have a body to experience creation and to add to creation our own creations as Gods that we really are.

My God is all loving and all powerful.

My God loves everyone and judges no one, which is the exact reason why he/she allows all of this mess to happen that you can find on planet earth. We are divine beings, Gods that manifest whatever we want to or allow to manifest.

The elite knows this, most of humanity don’t. Most of humanity is worshiping some Messiah, Buddha, Prophet or Guru, whose only message always has been if he/she has been a true master:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me (Not Jesus, but the Christ, the Father/Mother within, which is a very high level of consciousness that can be attained by each human being), the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the Father.”

You can outdo Christ’s works for Christ’s sake. If you are happy worshiping, then you will never become a master. Never.

If people never take responsibility for their entire life, then they will always be victims to some elite criminals that regard them as their sheep. And sheep get herded, milked, fleeced and slaughtered.

If you….

1. Have your own land in a remote elevated place in nature that you have found to be a safe place for the future;

2. Grow your own food and have your own well;

3. Have decided to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in harmony with nature;

4. Have gold and silver, the only accepted money of the elite, to protect your land and to buy goods if the dollar collapses;

5. Have a family with you and friends around you;

6. Have also guns and ammunition;

7. Know that you are creating your own reality;

…. Then you will not only outlive those criminals, but your thoughts will speed up like nothing you have ever experienced before and you will outthink those that consider themselves to be the elite and nature will protect you and your family.


Here is one of my favorite ‘coincidences’:

Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001

9 thoughts on “The Cathedral of St. John the Divine depicts the destruction of New York & Wall Street as described in the Book of Revelation”

  1. The god of the freemasons is the demiurge. He is a an accidental creature with immense hubris, a projection of humanity which must be understood to be resisted. The myth of Sophia explains who this came to be. They created good and evil as a control scheme. They play both sides to build their masters vision.

  2. Nobody noticed Virgo upside down? Then Libra/Halloween is a skeleton? following Scorpio is a very long duration for Ophiucus with Capricorn out of sight?
    The main vignette of Cesar de Notredame has NO VIRGO at all on the wheel of Precession
    Another vignette has Virgo being shot with an arrow (does this mean an asteroid in Virgo) with the result it is WE who are tipped upside down?

  3. You said, “My God is all loving and all powerful. My God loves everyone and judges no one, which is the exact reason why he/she allows all of this mess to happen that you can find on planet earth. We are divine beings, Gods that manifest whatever we want to or allow to manifest.”
    How can God be both all loving and yet not judge anyone? This is impossible.
    Let me use this analogy. Let’s say a man kidnaps, sodomizes, tortures and murders your 8 year old daughter. Then he gets caught. He stands before a very kind and loving judge. The man pleads “Judge, I see I was wrong, that was bad what I did to that little girl, I’m really sorry. Please don’t judge me and throw me in prison.” “Well, I see you are sorry for what you did. I’m going to be benevolent and let you go free.” Would you consider this a good judge? He’s forgiving and loving. No! You would scream for JUSTICE. True love always seeks justice.

    God judges in perfect righteousness and in perfect mercy. But even as God desires mercy, He must also satisfy His perfect justice and so His justice nailed His mercy to the cross.

    The Bible tells a story of a man who goes into the woods and cuts down a tree. He then cuts the tree into three parts. With one part he builds a fire to warm his hands, another third he puts in a stove to cook his food and with the remaining third he carves an idol and kneels down before it in worship. Of course one would ask, “What made one log worthy of the fire and another worthy of worship? We would say, and rightly so, his actions were absurd. But this is modern man’s thought form. He designs a god in his head, his man-made god. Those in darkness imagine what they want their god to be like, what attributes and characters they wish Him to possess, the laws He enforces, and the ones He let’s slide. Usually this is an all loving and forgiving God, with mercy for me and justice for you. One may say “The God that I believe in would never throw someone in hell forever, I believe in a loving God.” Men see the god they want to see, the attributes they choose to see, but ignore the fact that all of God’s character works together in perfect unity. Man sometimes forgets this important truth; God’s holy unchangeable standard encompasses all His actions.

    Man is enchanted with the fantasy god in his head, convinced that God must be a certain way, their way. Modern man is extremely devoted to his designer god, and generally has little tolerance of the possibility of any revealed truth in the scriptures. But designer gods are only a mirage, they only exist in one’s head, and that is all.


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