The Fluoride Song: WATER CRIMES by Trillion feat. Tono

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As I’ve said before: Water fluoridation worked very well in the Nazi concentration camps and the Russian gulags.


why ya wanna poison me? with chemical concoctions in my water
why ya wanna poison me? it’s gonna make my life shorter?

water is life, not just drips down the sink drain.
it’s a basic human right to sip a fountain or drink rain
instead they dump chemical waste into the reservoir
every jar contaminated – fluoride taints my weathered heart
‘let it pass’ – I can’t – there’s lead and arsenic on that measure bar
and never far behind the line of fire is that repertoire
“it’s good for bones and teeth” – they hum and sing
but real facts beneath the surface reveal some other things:
Fluoride accumulates and studies have shown
it causes major changes to the structure of bone
sensations of burning – prickling and pains
gastrointestinal disorders – feeling sickly and strange
tingling in the limbs and chronic fatigue
even that frog in the reeds has his pond under siege
neurotoxic design – a lowered IQ
lost in three lines of a poets hykoo
i know i’m like you – my body’s sorta the same
and there’s also fluoride added to my water mains
skeletal fluorosis – osteoarthritis
they misguide and deny – glossing over the entire list
then the cost of those who fight this – more stress and dismay
i don’t believe we receive blessings this way.
Criminals poison water – like the china sea
it’s a major hit on the planet in a minor key

water crimes slowly rise above the water lines
floating in clear view for all to surely find
governments lie and classify the research
this message should be loud and clear and ratified on t-shirts

I’m in deep water but i’m keen to make waves
break the glaze from the tv screen and wake slaves
ingested fluoride as a tooth protectant
is useless and defective and proven ineffective
but it works great in suppressing the thyroid function
renders it void so i try avoid consumption
for babies fluoride is a very fatal guest
causing birth defects, infant and perinatal death
we bought lies for years – oh such is foresight
lead a horse to water but he won’t touch the fluoride
clutching at straws tight – now there’s a cause and war to fight
population sedation – if only water was watertight
we don’t deserve this prison so I’m the first to listen
to disturbed workers whistling out words of wisdom
disguised as service it’s the worst assistant to my nervous system
it makes the system nervous cos now we curse and diss them
if this as an experiment then what is their agenda?
why are they satisfied with death and won’t stop at mere surrender
it shows a lack of true ethics and is actually eugenics
and many politicians are still too happy to defend this
for me it wouldn’t fit – this water’s thicker than blood
we shouldnt quit til we abort the stick in the mud
take this batton in your fist before i’m shortened of breath
and my behavior patterns twist – for this water is death

kick it out – head it off – shut em down – sing it out
move em on – kick it out – cut em down – sling em out
chop em down – cut it off – push em on – tip it out
shut it down – move em on – turn it off… fluoride

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