NVIC on swine flu and the consequences for you!

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Important timeline of video:
1:40 Vaccines acquired immunity is temporary while immunity gained after recovering from influenza is longer lasting.
3:10 Few choices will be allowed and every child from 6 months to 18 years must have an annual flu shot.
3:22 Call by American health officials to give the first doses of experimental swine flu vaccines in a school setting.
3:45 Now a flu pandemic raised to phase 6 which is equivalent to homeland securities Code Red warning of an imminent terrorist attack.
4:08 When the CDC declares a public health emergency that declaration allows the food and drug administration to fast track experimentation drugs and vaccines which do not have to be tested as thoroughly as others which go through the normal FDA process.
4:35 Congress has given a group of drug companies $1 billion to fast track experimental swine flu vaccines.
4:55 People who already have sensitive immune systems will be particularly at risk of the experimental vaccines.
5:10 State officials are allowed to enter homes and businesses without the consent of the occupants to investigate and quarantine individuals without their consent.
6:30 Public demonstrations are classed as low level terrorism.
6:45 Plans are being made to make selected airports quarantine centers where airplanes will be rerouted for passenger health inspection.
7:00 Experimental vaccines to be given first to children in schools.

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