Gordon Browns days as PM are numbered as it seems


Pressure on Brown Mounts as UK Minister Resigns (Wall Street Journal)

PM fights to survive: Reshuffle paralysed by ministers refusing to budge as rebels plot cyber-coup (Daily Mail)
(New title:
‘Don’t sign Gordon’s death warrant’: Mandy begs MPs to snub anti-Brown email as Milburn and Byers are named as plotters)

Revealed: Labour rebels’ timetable to unseat Gordon Brown (Guardian)

Rebel Labour MPs seek signatures for ‘Gordon must go’ letter (Guardian)

BREAKING NEWS: Lightning coup to oust Gordon Brown (London Evening Standard)

Hazel Blears resigns from Cabinet as Labour MPs discuss plot to topple Brown (Times)

Brown resignation rumour sends pound plunging (Telegraph):


UK Govt: Brown Resignation Rumor “Complete Nonsense” (Wall Street Journal)

If Gordon Brown resigns, then he will be replaced by another puppet, serving it’s masters.

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