Global News (03/28/09)

Militants attack Nato supply terminal in Pakistan (Independent)

Thousands flee Fargo ahead of floodwaters (Independent):
The National Weather Service targeted the crest near 42 feet, but said it was still possible the river could rise to 43 feet – the same level at which the levees are built to protect the city and nearly 3 feet higher than the record set 112 years ago.

Russia deploys new nuclear cruise missiles (Independent)

Russia plans military force to patrol Arctic as ‘cold rush’ intensifies (Guardian):
Countries in the northern hemisphere are vying for control of the polar region, which is thought to contain up to a quarter of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas.

Canada says will defend its Arctic (AFP):
The Canadian government on Friday reaffirmed its Arctic claims, saying it will defend its northern territories and waters after Russia earlier announced plans to militarize the North.

Is there any gold inside Fort Knox, the world’s most secure vault? (Times Online):
“It has been several decades since the gold in Fort Knox was independently audited or properly accounted for,” said Ron Paul, the Texas Congressman and former Republican presidential candidate, in an e-mail interview with The Times. “The American people deserve to know the truth.”

The Dance of the Trillions to Shore up Banks, Bankers, and Gamblers (Global Research)

Merkel warns on further stimulus (Financial Times):
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, will warn leaders of the world’s largest economies next week against pumping too much money into reviving global growth, saying that such action would create an unsustainable recovery.

Ruth Madoff took $2m from London office before collapse (Independent)

Fears police tactics at G20 protests will lead to violence (Guardian)

G20 activists: Why we are protesting (Guardian)

G20 protests: Anarchist fears over Put People First march (Telegraph)

As Americans tighten belts, shopping malls cut hours (The Raw Story)

They smell burnt flesh and check for snipers at Waterloo station (Times Online)

Seven hours to save the world (Independent):
As economies fracture across the globe, the capital’s greatest gathering of leaders since 1946 has less than a day to agree a rescue plan.

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