Global News (03/27/09)

Suicide attack on Pakistan mosque kills 50 (Times Online):
A suicide bomb attack on a packed mosque in the volatile tribal regions of Pakistan has killed nearly 50 people and left dozens of others wounded, in the latest wave of violence to hit the country.

US tent cities highlight new realities as recession wears on (Guardian)

North Korea rocket launch: First pictures of launch pad (Telegraph)

Japan’s guided-missile destroyers head for Sea of Japan ahead of DPRK’s rocket launch (Xinhua)

China reacts with fury to US military report (Telegraph):
China has reacted with fury to a US government report on Beijing’s military power which claimed it was altering the military balance in Asia.

Australia quashes China bid for Oz Minerals (Financial Times):
The Australian government on Friday cited national security concerns to block a A$2.6bn ($1.8bn) bid by China’s Minmetals for Oz Minerals, fuelling doubts about Beijing’s ability to secure backing for other deals in the resource-rich country.

Britain sees 40 per cent rise in cash lost to Brussels, National Audit Office says (Telegraph):
The National Audit Office found that Britain’s net cash contribution to Brussels jumped by 40 per cent to more than £4billion between 2006 and 2007. In the same year, the total value of reported irregularities rose by 20 per cent to €1,392 million (£1.3billion) across all European Union countries, a report published today finds.

Bank of England: It’s time to call a halt, Prime Minister (Telegraph)

Mounties accused of ‘cooking up’ story (Toronto Star):
VANCOUVER–Four Mounties “collaborated to fabricate” their story to justify their conduct when Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski died while in their custody, a lawyer told a public inquiry yesterday.

Madoff Liquidator Says $2.6 Billion Will Pay Victims of Fraud (Bloomberg):
March 27 (Bloomberg) — The agency liquidating Bernard Madoff’s brokerage says the $2.6 billion it has on hand is enough to satisfy all legitimate claims by victims of the money manager’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

Two more quit AIG as depth of bonus anger emerges (Guardian):
Two senior European bosses have resigned from AIG citing a “hostile” environment as the insurer faces a public backlash over multimillion-pound bonus payouts.

Most electronic voting isn’t secure, CIA expert says (Boston Herald)

UK recession: ‘It’s even worse than we thought,’ says ONS (Guardian)

Canadian Arab Federation takes Conservatives to court (National Post):
Mr. Kenney had threatened to pull $2-million in federal cash after the federation’s president Khaled Mouammar called him “a professional whore” for his support for Israel.

Hope rising in US for national death penalty ban (AFP)

Ashcroft: Some forms of waterboarding might be legal (Raw Story):
Is it any surprised that a man who spends free time making sculptures out of barbed wire still does not believe his approval of torturing prisoners was wrong?

NZ hits 16-year low but currency climbs (Financial Times):
New Zealand’s economy contracted at its fastest rate in more than 16 years in the final months of 2008 but predictions the country is over the worst added to a string of gains for the New Zealand dollar on Friday.

Britain to send more troops to Afghanistan (Telegraph):
Britain is preparing to send an extra 1,700 soldiers to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, the head of the Army has indicated.

At last we get it – this war is Vietnam for slow learners (Guardian):
Eight years of fighting has made no difference to the balance of power in Afghanistan. Only one word makes sense: exit

Some jobless aren’t down and out enough to qualify for aid (Los Angeles Times)

Victorian ‘ghost’ picked up by Google Street View ( Telegraph):
A ghostly figure dressed in Victorian clothes was filmed on Google Street View – before vanishing into thin air.

Very hot tea and coffee linked to raised oesophagus cancer (Times Online):
(Nothing new.)

Girl,14, faces child porn charges for posting nude pictures of HERSELF on MySpace (Daily Mail):
If convicted, she will have to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, which gives parents the right to know the identity of sex offenders in their area.

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