Children throwing snowballs in public could be arrested or fined

Children who throw snowballs in public places could be arrested or fined under measures to cut down on anti-social behaviour.

Girls brave a snow flurry in Queen's Square, near Bristol city centre and enjoy a snowball fight
Children could be fined or arrested for throwing snowballs in public Photo: PA

Police have vowed to crack down on youngsters caught “acting irresponsibly’ following the worst snowfall to hit the UK in 18 years.

Those found throwing snowballs in such a way have been warned they face arrest, a fine, or both.

The new measures have been introduced in Hertfordshire after a small number of youths damaged motorists’ cars.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police said: “The warning was made to remind people who were throwing snowballs that throwing one through a car window isn’t a good idea.

“If a snowball went through a window screen that could cause danger to someone’s life.”

Chief Inspector Nigel Brown added: “What may seem like high jinx at the time could have a detrimental effect on the safety of others, and you could be arrested.

“Anyone who is causing anti social behaviour or who is acting irresponsibly in these current conditions could be subjected to criminal charges.

“For example throwing snowballs at vehicles could impair driver’s view and cause a collision.”

He added: “We understand people want to have fun in the snow but would ask members of the public to think about the consequences of their actions.”

The Campaign Against Political Correctness said that the police response had been a little heavy handed.

John Midgely, co-founder of the organisation said: “While we all hope that no one causes injury to other people at this time this injunction from the police does seem over the top.

“I hope they make it clear that it is not their intention to be winter killjoys.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said that the issue was a serious one for motorists as they braved the snow.

A spokesperson said: “This is an issue about people throwing snowballs at cars which could cause damage.

“We must be carfeul not to confuse relatively harmless fun with a police issue where motorists are being attacked with snowballs.

“We would encourage people to stop throwing snowballs at passing cars but to go out in the snow and have fun.” ENDS

Last Updated: 1:26PM GMT 03 Feb 2009

Source: The Telegraph

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