Illuminati Karate bought Bush’s expired library domain name for $10, sold it back for $35K

Excellent Illuminati Karate! 🙂

DALLAS (AP) – George W. Bush’s presidential library domain name has been retrieved after a Web developing company accidentally let it expire – and it apparently came at a high price.

Raleigh, N.C.-based Illuminati Karate paid less than $10 for the domain name and sold it back earlier this year for $35,000 to the library’s contracted Web developers, Yuma Solutions, said George Huger, lead Web developer for Illuminati Karate.

Mark Mills, owner of Yuma Solutions, did not immediately return calls seeking comment Thursday.

The Tallahassee, Fla.-based company has a history with the Bush family, hosting Web sites for Bush’s 2000 campaign and for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s 1998 and 2002 campaigns.

Records indicate that in March 2007, the George W. Bush Library Foundation, using Yuma Solutions as its contractor, bought the domain name from a private citizen for $3,000. But the registration was set to expire within a few months.

Huger said he grabbed the library name, seeing its potential, while searching through a public list of names that were about to expire, The Dallas Morning News reported in Thursday.

Months later, Huger had received some offers on it, but he declined to provide details.

After the Morning News reported that the library had lost the domain, Mills contacted Illuminati Karate and asked to buy it back, Huger said.

At the time, a library foundation spokesman said officials were unaware that the name had been lost.

Yuma finally reached a deal to buy the Web address back for $35,000, which the company, not the library foundation, apparently paid, Huger said. The site changed hands in April and won’t expire until 2013.

Mark Langdale, president of the George W. Bush Library Foundation, said he didn’t know about the Web site being lost and recovered. But, he said, he would know if the library had been stuck with a surprise $35,000 expenditure.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center – which will include a library, museum and public policy institute – is being built at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Posted on Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:02AM EST

Source: AP

9 thoughts on “Illuminati Karate bought Bush’s expired library domain name for $10, sold it back for $35K”

  1. Speaking of George W. Bush:

    George W. Bush committed hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism (indicated in my blog).

    George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes.

    And I do solemnly swear by Almighty God that George W. Bush committed other hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism which I am not at liberty to mention.

    Many people know what Bush did.

    And many people will know what Bush did—even to the end of the world.

    Bush was absolute evil.

    Bush is now like a fugitive from justice.

    Bush is a psychological prisoner.

    Bush has a lot to worry about.

    Bush can technically be prosecuted for hate crimes at any time.

    In any case, Bush will go down in history in infamy.

    Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA
    Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

    I am not sure where I had read it before, but anyway, it is a linguistically excellent statement, and it goes kind of like this: “If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memories so they never got stale and faded.” Oh wait—off the top of my head—I think the quotation came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.

    • @Olivia

      There are probably many who do not know the other ‘purpose’ that this handsign is used for.

      So Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Dick Cheney, Pope Benedict VI and Silvio Berlusconi are all from Texas then?

      🙂 Didn’t know that. 🙂

      Why would Bush show EVERYWHERE around the world, all of the time, that he is from ‘Texas’? Why would he use this sign at his inauguration? How would Americans, that are not from Texas think about that?

      Maybe that sign has nothing to do with Texas.

    • @Reason

      Would you please visit the following link and tell me if you think that it is possible that all these criminals and traitors flash ‘I LOVE YOU’:

      And they are not flashing the sign for ‘I Love You’ in sign language:

      Helen Keller, who created, the hand sign system for the deaf was herself an occultist and Theosophist.

      Helen Keller was a devout student of Mr. Swedenborg, a Theosophist.

      Remember, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875, openly stated…

      “It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)

      Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s most popular work was a two-volume book she wrote titled ‘The Secret Doctrine,’ in which she woefully states…

      “Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.” pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II)

      “It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)

      “The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, ‘the Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan’ at one and the same time.” page 539

      Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 32° Co-Freemason
      The Secret Doctrine

      Clearly, Helena Blavatsky was a devout Satan worshipper. She is also one of the pioneers of today’s occult New Age Movement…


      Take care!


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