EU and US block IAEA Israel resolution

The International Atomic Energy Agency conference of 145 nations criticizes Israel for refusing to put its atomic program under monitoring.

Israel is known to have nuclear arms, but has a “no tell” policy on the issue.

However, Israel managed to evade a vote to link it to nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

Chief Iranian delegate to the UN nuclear watch dog, Ali Ashgar Soltanieh, said that Israel’s nuclear capabilities represent a “serious and continued threat to the security of neighboring and other states.”

He took the United States and other Western backers of Israel to task for their “shameful silence” on the threat posed by Israel’s atomic arsenal.

The meeting voted for a resolution urging all nations to open their nuclear activities to outside inspection and work toward the establishment of a Mideast nuclear weapons free zone.

With Israel the only country in the region to have atomic arms, passage of the resolution constituted criticism of the Zionist regime.

However, the US and EU managed to block an effort by Muslim nations and their supporters to submit a resolution more directly critical of Israel and its nuclear capabilities.

Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the only nuclear threat in the Middle East.

Sun, 05 Oct 2008 04:00:18 GMT

Source: Press TV

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