Top 8 Large Hadron Collider Videos

The Large Hadron Collider has become fodder for tons of viral videos. Some are hilarious, others are informative, and the best are somewhere in between. Here are our favorites:

8. CERN Explained in 3 Minutes
A great introduction to the whole European Center for Nuclear Research, not just its highest profile project.

7. End of the World Safety Guide
If the LHC unintentionally creates a stable black hole, you may want to wear some safety goggles.

6. In Depth Explanation of the LHC
An explanation of particle physics with excellent computer graphics.

5. Ted Talk by Dr. Brian Cox
A great lecture about the Large Hadron Collider.

4. First images after proton beam passes through LHC
New Scientist got a hold of some real data from the first beam of protons fired through the accelerator.

3. Scientists at CERN are Preparing to Fire up Their Instrument for the First Time.
Warning: this is painfully dry British humor.

2. Large Hadron Rap
One of the most popular educational music videos of all time.

1.Big Bang v2.0
Dr. Brian Cox gives a tour of the LHC and explains how it could answer some of the biggest questions in science.

What did we miss? Tell us about your favorite Large Hadron Collider videos.

By Aaron Rowe
September 21, 2008

Source: Wired

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