Mandatory Microchipping In Adopted Pets

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBS) – Starting Monday, every dog and cat adopted from the largest animal shelter on Long Island will come with a microchip embedded in its skin. It’s a quick procedure that can help reunite families with their lost pets.


Steven Reichert’s dog Sandy became the first to have the chip embedded at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.

“My dog is only 40 pounds. She didn’t even flinch, she didn’t even feel it,” Reichert told CBS 2.

Dogs and cats of any size, including puppies and kittens, be given the chip, which is about the size of a long grain of rice and is embedded via syringe.

“The chip is injected into the skin between the shoulders and within seconds a scanner can identify the pet and pull up all sorts of information,” says Charles Milone of the Hempstead Shelter. “You have the name of the animal owners, the address, the phone number, the breed.”

Every week, about 30 stray dogs are dropped off at the Hempstead Shelter, and many are never reunited with their families. Now every dog or cat that’s adopted from the shelter will be chipped before it heads to its new home.

“You do your animal and yourself a disservice by not doing it. Whether you do it from us or your veterinarian, the key is get your animal identified because you want to get it back,” says Milone.

At a nearby dog run, CBS 2 found “Amaretta,” whose owners paid nearly $100 to get her chipped.

“You know this is like your child,” says Annette Reese, Amaretta’s owner. “So we figured let’s do it. God forbid anything happens, if she runs into the street or if she gets stolen for some reason at least we can get her back.”

At the Hempstead Shelter you can get your dog or cat chipped for $25, no matter where you live. They’re hoping the idea will catch on, so more lost pets will be reunited with their families.

Sep 9, 2008

Source: WCBSTV

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