Former Governor: “Absolutely” danger of false flag as pretext to attack Iran

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura warns that Neo-Cons are so desperate to maintain a grip on power that they could stage a terror event in order to create a pretext for attacking Iran.

Speaking on the Alex Jones Show before last night’s announcement that he would not be running for U.S. Senate, Ventura said a conflict with Iran was all but inevitable.

“I don’t see any way of avoiding it because I think it’s gonna be Bush’s last hurrah,” said Ventura, adding that another war front would only help the Republicans and John McCain.

“We are now a first strike nation, 9/11 changed our entire foreign policy, we will now attack another country before they attack us, which we proved in Iraq,” he added.

Asked if we were in danger of seeing the Neo-Cons stage some kind of Gulf of Tonkin false flag or other terror event as a pretext for attacking Iran, Ventura responded, “Absolutely, read the last epilogue in my book, I wrote that a year ago.”

“Remember, these two political parties are in bad shape right now, McCain’s trailing, Republicans look like they’ll get slaughtered in the Congressional races and they’re gonna lose all their power so rest assured that some type of decision they will have to come up with in an attempt to continue to keep themselves in power – that’s their objective,” stated Ventura.

“How much more stupid can we be if we buy into this,” concluded the former Governor.

Ventura said that the war in Iraq is now taking its toll on the U.S. economy and that Americans needed to “feel the pain” in order to understand that war is not profitable for the middle class and in fact has the opposite impact.

“I’ve always believed what goes around comes around, and we’re gonna get our comeuppance I think pretty quick here if we don’t change the path we’re on and start leading with diplomacy,” said Ventura.

“A war is the result of failed political leadership, it’s that simple,” added the former Governor.

Rhetoric surrounding a military strike against the Iranians has heated considerably over the last few weeks, with Syria today warning that such an action “would have grave consequences for the US, Israel and the whole world.”

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Source: Prison Planet

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