Where Is FEMA?

The US Department of Homeland Security has an annual budget of $40 billion. Out of that money FEMA gets about one billion annually. FEMA was created to combine all federal services into one giant agency that was to “manage” ALL national emergencies that happen within the United States. Yet since this mega-agency was created, by combining 22 major government agencies into a single behemoth; the people of this nation have not received real help during any local or national emergency, since the fraudulent creation of the Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency.

The country is under siege by natural disasters at the moment: From the fires in California to the floods in Iowa and beyond. Freak tornados and record temperatures combine in many places while droughts alternate with floods throughout the nation: And the two things missing in the coverage by the media are any questions about the nation’s total non-response and the lack of National Guard Troops anywhere: Now, when their help is truly needed!

Our taxes paid for State National Guard troops but our Owners sent them to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight in failed political wars for private corporate profits. Just this week $23 Billion of the money appropriated for Iraq has been found in the coffers of some of the largest military contractors in the US. It’s a massive story of waste and abuse, and criminal war-profiteering, but the government scrubbed the video, almost immediately upon its release. That’s what happens in America whenever the owners are uncomfortable; they just kill the story and wait for the pubic to forget about it. (1)

In the current series of disasters; there are no troops here to help with evacuations, and the only help that FEMA is currently offering to victims of the Iowa flooding is: “save all your receipts, because you’ll need to prove what it cost you if you want any help after this is over.” Whatever happened to the Red Cross ­ they never did much, but at least they put in a token appearance, pre-Bush & His Bandits!

Why was the National Weather Service not on top of this and working hand-in-glove with FEMA to provide pre-positioned food and water, for the victims; as well as assisting with evacuations for the tens of thousands now homeless! Doesn’t ‘Emergency management’ mean having the national ability to plan ahead? That was how the Bushwhackers sold this fraudulent concoction to the public when Bush demanded this radical overhaul of the nation’s emergency services. He got his white-elephant but all we got was his militarization of our local police, by private no-bid government contracts (Blackwater & others) combined with the complete absence of the State National Guard units and their very necessary heavy equipment.

FEMA has done nothing but FAIL since it appeared as the largest government agency in history: yet no one in congress is demanding investigations for those that keep on failing. Apparently whatever FEMA does is just fine with congress, as they have never charged anyone for what was and is still being done to the victims of either Andrew, Katrina or any of their other failures, like the fires in Arizona and New Mexico.

FEMA has not tried to assist with either homes or jobs since those storms hit the gulf coast; in fact in New Orleans FEMA was instrumental in destroying 5,000 perfectly good homes, untouched by the floods ­ homes that needed to be destroyed to make way for new housing on land that was deemed to be “too valuable “to house those that were living there” That was FEMA in action then! Where is FEMA now ­ and why has the so-called media not demanded more from this fraudulent government Agency!

Why is the stock market still going up? The country is falling apart and prices haven’t begun to see the top of this nightmare, and yet our money is falling as fast as the price of oil is climbing ­ so why does the market keep on climbing! Some say it’s an oil shortage, but that’s a lie! The United States back in the 50’s found (and sealed) enough oil and gas to fulfill all our needs for at least the next two hundred years ­ it’s SECRET and it’s still in Alaska. (2)

The markets go up because the investor class is getting rich, hell they’ve never had it so good, while the rest of us get crumbs and ashes and are told that “times are tough but our economy is sound.” The rest of the planet knows the truth and they’re making damn sure their governments know they’re angry: so what’s wrong with us? Are we just like stray dogs; not entitled to share in what we have continued to pay for? The Europeans and others are standing up for what they see as ‘highway robbery.” So what’s the matter with us! (3)

The U.S. treasury,supposedly “our” treasury that this government managed to completely empty in the first seven years of perpetual war; was not supposed to have been created to serve only the corporate bankers, but since 1913 that’s exactly who the Federal Reserve is serving, first, last, and always! Here’s the history that no one in authority wants any American to know or understand. (4)

So while you watch the fabulous footage of all the disasters, and listen to the tales of lost possessions and needless deaths ­ remember that your ‘government’ created the Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency, not to take care of people, but to insure that ordinary people would have no where to turn when disasters of any kind upend our lives! Not true you say?

Silence in the face of adversity is consent ­ and Americans have lost their ability to speak whenever this government acts ­just like we failed to call Nancy Pelosi on her criminal act, when she announced that “Impeachment was off the table.” Since we did not object to that, in her latest bit of treason against us all she decided to block the bill in congress that would have forced Bush to ask congress for a vote before bombing Iran.

Pelosi did this out of her undying loyalty to the American Israeli Political Action Committee; having placed Israel over and above the national interests of the American people and the lives and deaths of American troops for which she, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, is responsible. (5)

Pelosi is also third in line for the presidency, and this is how she treats her constituents and her sacred oath of office! Pelosi belongs in front of the War Crimes Tribunal, and the firing squad that will follow as one of the key members of those that will face prosecution for a whole range of war crimes and crimes against humanity. If there was a congress she would have been censored, for interfering in the Impeachment process-but instead she was elected as “Speaker of the House.” Tells you about all you need to know about your congress, doesn’t it!

Maybe, all things considered, we don’t deserve to have a functioning Emergency Management Agency, because from the facts in play above and below, it appears that we do not care about what happens to us ­ because we have placed our lives in the hands of these criminals without questioning anything they continue to do to those of us that pay them!

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Jim Kirwan

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