Euro 2008 Attack Hype May Be Veiled Neo-Con Threat

U.S. and Israel furious with Switzerland over Iran gas deal, Swiss opposition to Israeli treatment of Palestinians

Threatening to capsize a $2.1 billion injection into the European economy and making hundreds of thousands of people fear for their lives, authorities and the media today lent credence to an anonymous Internet posting that alleged Al-Qaeda were planning to attack the Euro 2008 soccer tournament.

Presumably disinterested in attacking “the Great Satan” of America the terrorist group are now apparently turning their attention to that other evil empire…..erm…..Switzerland.

That’s right, Al-Qaeda are targeting those bastions of evil Switzerland and Austria for devastation, according to Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News, despite the fact that both countries condemned the Iraq war.

“The Euro 2008 tournament is a target cited by the Islamist terrorist network,” federal police spokesman Juerg Buehler told Swiss newspaper La Liberte.

He said messages had been posted on Islamist websites and police were “following the situation very closely”.

One of the messages urges terrorists to “transform the safest countries in Europe to the hell seen in Iraq or Afghanistan”.

“The time has come for the fighters of the faith. They must make their voices heard,” said another.

Brushing aside the media’s ludicrous and transitory stupidity of accepting an anonymous Internet posting at face value and immediately broadcasting it as gospel, the contention that global terrorists’ enemy number one is the tranquil haven of Switzerland, a country that has not been to war since 1515, is beyond belief. However, the real reason behind the Swiss being threatened may have more to do with recent geopolitical developments than anything else.

Since we know that Al-Qaeda is merely a front group for American and Israeli intelligence agencies, its controllers may well be using the terror group as a smokescreen to send a veiled threat.

Switzerland’s recent major deal with Iran to annually import over five billion cubic meters of natural gas into Europe left the U.S. government fuming.

In addition, the Zionist front Anti-Defamation League (ADL) smeared the government of Switzerland as a “financier of terrorism” in response to the deal and placed major ads in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and major Swiss newspapers attacking the country as a de facto rogue nation.

The ADL were also infuriated that “Switzerland was the only European member of the 47-nation United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to vote in favor of a resolution condemning Israeli military action in Gaza that resulted in the death of more than 120 Palestinians, many of them civilians,” in March of this year.

As the Atlantic Free Press reported this month, “The ADL once sought and gained wide recognition as a civil right monitoring organization but today is recognized as an ethnic and political special interest group with a documented history of espionage activity.”

In conclusion, Switzerland would be wise to pay heed to the threat, but they shouldn’t be concerned about “Al-Qaeda,” but rather the Israeli and U.S. black-ops specialists that merely invoke the name of the phantom terror group as a cover for their geopolitical bullying around the globe.

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Source: Prison Planet

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