Bloomberg’s End-run Around the Second Amendment

“In other words, New York is a Constitution free zone. But then so is much of the rest of the country, thanks to Bush, who considers the Constitution “just a goddamned piece of paper.”


In New York, the notorious gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg wants to censor the Second Amendment. “New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has moved from outrage to atrocity, said the Second Amendment Foundation, by asking anti-gun activist federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein to ban any reference to the Second Amendment during a civil lawsuit trial beginning May 27 against Georgia gun dealer Jay Wallace, proprietor at Adventure Outdoors,” reports PR Newswire.

But the “billionaire demagogue who considers himself so far above the law,” as Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, characterizes Bloomberg, wants to go after the First Amendment, too. Bloomberg wants a gag order slapped on the case. In “Mikey’s world… a fair trial is one in which a defense attorney is muzzled, and the defendant is already guilty until proven innocent. Bloomberg missed his calling. Instead of being mayor of an American city, he should have been the administrator of a gulag.”

Reports the New York Sun:

City lawyers, in a motion filed Tuesday, asked the judge, Jack Weinstein of U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, to preclude the store’s lawyers from arguing that the suit infringed on any Second Amendment rights belonging to the gun store or its customers. In the motion, the lawyer for the city, Eric Proshansky, is also seeking a ban on “any references” to the amendment.

“Any references by counsel to the Second Amendment or analogous state constitutional provisions are likewise irrelevant,” the brief states

In other words, New York is a Constitution free zone. But then so is much of the rest of the country, thanks to Bush, who considers the Constitution “just a goddamned piece of paper.” Bush and his coterie of Straussian neocons need to get rid of the Second Amendment in particular because militarized police states don’t go far if people have guns. Come marital law, Bush and crew may want to begin with New York, Chicago, and D.C., where restrictive gun laws rule. Short of some draconian law, it will be hard going out here in the hinterlands.

Bloomberg’s senator, Hillary Clinton, would have us believe she is a defender of the Second Amendment. She recently sent out a mailer with a picture of a 6 Mauser rifle — printed backwards — declaring her support, or rather Obama’s lack of support for the Second Amendment. It is funny, though, how the elite, who run Hillary and Barack and John the robot alike, are fond of sending cryptic messages to the commoners. “The Mauser costs about $2,200, and sports a double trigger, an accessory rarely found on American guns, but more typical of Western Europe, where the firearms market is more geared to custom guns for the aristocracy, as opposed to America’s off-the-racks guns for the masses,” writes Dave Kopel.

Clinton has a nearly perfect gun-grabber record in the Senate and now she wants you to believe she is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. If we examine her political literature, it appears she supports the right of the ruling elite to own fancy hunting rifles.

Once Clinton or Obama take over, we can expect stunts like the one Michael Bloomberg is pulling to become common place. Recall Hillary’s hubby signed into law background checks and an assault weapons ban. He wanted a national licensing program for all gun owners, but that ran into a lot of opposition. Hillary will pick up where Bill left off.

Bloomberg’s attempt to squash the constitutional rights of a gun shop owner in Georgia is simply another angle gun-grabbers will take up with frothy zeal if a “liberal” — as in neoliberal — gets into office. Here’s how Bloomberg runs his scam, according to a Liberty Coalition letter sent to Michael J. Sullivan, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives:

Bloomberg has organized a multi-state vigilante-style campaign against federal gun dealers. Bloomberg’s gambit is simple — without any federal or state law enforcement authorization, he sends people to federal firearms dealers to break federal law by providing false information on the federal ATF Form 4473 firearm transfer form, and then purchasing guns for persons prohibited by law from taking possession of guns (a so called ‘straw sale’). Bloomberg then files a civil lawsuit against the dealer in a New York court while using a covertly made video tape of the transaction to blackmail the dealer into ‘settling’ on terms where the City of New York’s ‘Special Master’ will supplant ATF supervision of the dealer and peruse Americans’ confidential federal gun transfer records at will.

Expect more of this funny business after Clinton-Obama, Obama-Clinton get in the White House.

And if you think McCain will save the Second Amendment, think again — there is a strong possibility Mike DeWine will become his attorney general if the McManchurian candidate is selected. DeWine is a darling of the gun-grabbers with a Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence endorsement. “When he ran for the Senate in 1994, he backed the Clinton Gun Ban,” writes the Buckeye Firearms Association “In 2006, Human Events Online named DeWine among the Top 10 anti-gun U.S. Senators. And shortly before his defeat, DeWine took a position in opposition to legislation which barred gun manufacturers, distributors, dealers or importers from frivolous lawsuits designed to put them out of business.”

Call it the Bloomberg tactic, an end-run around the Second Amendment.

Kurt Nimmo
May 10, 2008

Source: Infowars

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